Need Video Ideas?

If you want to be on iCarly, but you just don't have any good video ideas, here are some that you can consider: make something that will make people say 'wow' or that will make them laugh really hard.

You can tell a joke that you created, make a fascinating sandwich, dress up and mimic a relative, impersonate a celebrity, talk in a funny voice, do a really cool trick that you learned, show off a pet that can do a neat trick, dance, make an awesome art project, or anything like that.

There are all kinds of possibilities that you can get involved in that will help you to make a great video. Give it some thought and you're sure to come up with something perfect.

3 Responses to “Need Video Ideas?”

  1. i love that foto

  2. icarly rock rock rock what is it like to be on icarly and that was so cool a big smile from me

  3. Anthony Rodriguez on January 22nd, 2012 at 12:41 am

    It would be the best show if they brought drake and josh back for a episode.

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