Spencer the Blogger?

Yes, it's true. Spencer now has a blog! He's worried that he's not cool (or as he says 'kewl') enough to have one, but he's learning and having fun with it anyway.

He's come up with some new expressions and abbreviations that he wants everyone to start using, so he can set a trend and have people follow him, instead of always feeling like he's following someone else.

It looks like the world will be hearing from Spencer quite a few times, since he now seems to think that blogging is a great thing to do. Now that he's finding his voice, there's going to be no stopping him. Whether that's a good thing depends on what he finds to write about, but he certainly has a lot of fans.

8 Responses to “Spencer the Blogger?”

  1. Cool! I love new expressions and abbreviations and will be checking Spencer's out. Thanks 🙂


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  6. I love your show

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  8. blog interessante

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