What’s Up With The Weird Neighbors?

A recent episode of iCarly has brought onto the scene a couple of new characters around the neighborhood where Carly lives. The episode featured Crazy Fruit Dude, who eats the peel rather than the banana (Yuck!) and the Green Haired Old Lady that sucked on a pacifier. It was quite an episode to say the least. In fact, apparently the episode went over so well, they came up with some more ideas that they put on the website.

They sure seem to have a lot of crazy people on iCarly. Among this group of eccentric weirdoes are the guy that wears his underwear over his clothes, a grandma that walks around saying that she has been dead for nine years, and a man that speaks a different accent every day!

A personal favorite is the twin girls that run around yelling at each other that they are the pretty one! Looks like they are going to need more episodes to cover all these great new characters. The bald guy that stands in the sun and lets cheese melt on his head or the hobo that looks like Ryan Seacrest would make for some very interesting television.

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