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Why we Love Miranda Cosgrove!

Miranda Cosgrove has quite a career built already for a girl that is only fifteen years old. However, unlike many of the child stars that seem to be careening out of control, Cosgrove seems to be very down to earth and oblivious to her new found fame and all it entails. It is always refreshing […]

7 Facts About Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove was born in 1993 and began her singing and acting career at the very young age of only three years old. She was discovered while eating with her family at a restaurant in Los Angeles. A talent agent dining in the same restaurant noticed Cosgrove singing and dancing and signed her up to […]

iCarly Cast Sets Dating Rumors Straight!

The cast of iCarly have actually had to create videos to dispel the myth that any of them are dating. Isn't it an interesting society that engrosses so much time, energy and thought on famous people and what they are doing, with whom and for how long?