Sleep Tight With Your Own iCarly Pillow

If you live with or know a fan of the iCarly show, the new iCarly pillow would certainly be an excellent birthday or Christmas gift.

The pillows are available with almost any of the iCarly character’s faces embroidered on them or symbols from iCarly. By doing a simple internet search, you will be able to find these pillows readily available for purchase. They will possibly be hitting some of the larger stores soon. In addition to the pillows, bedding and other bedroom supplies may be available.

The pillows are a great addition to the already overflowing line of iCarly products that are offered now. You can go to any store and find iCarly games, dolls, clothing, accessories, school supplies and many other items. Don’t forget the CDs and DVDs that are also available. These include episodes of iCarly and songs sung by Miranda Cosgrove. If you are looking for missed episodes of the iCarly show, check out the show’s website for videos from the show

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