Rumors That Need To Be Set Straight!!

While the stars of iCarly are busy battling the rumors going around that they are dating each other in real life, including the one that has the fifteen year old who plays the character of Sam (Jenette McCurdy), as dating 31year old Jerry Trainor (who plays Carly’s older brother Spencer), the iCarly characters are battling their own rumors floating around the rumor mill inside the show.

For example, the on the show rumors that are apparently going around are that Sam once ate thirty seven pounds of meat in one sitting! Is that even possible? While she did in fact eat a lot of beef one night while listening to Beatles music, it was closer to three pounds rather than thirty seven. She did enjoy it enough that she actually bit herself and wiped the blood on poor sleeping Freddie’s shirt.

Then there is the rumor that Spencer tried to donate his body to science and they turned him down. Unfortunately, this one is true. He was trying to make money by participating in a sleep study, however it was for people that can’t sleep, and unfortunately he fell asleep during the consultation. More examples, of these rumors that need to be set straight, can be found on the iCarly blog online.

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