Why we Love Miranda Cosgrove!

Miranda Cosgrove has quite a career built already for a girl that is only fifteen years old. However, unlike many of the child stars that seem to be careening out of control, Cosgrove seems to be very down to earth and oblivious to her new found fame and all it entails. It is always refreshing when a young entertainer seems to have her head on straight, rather than attending adult oriented parties and making the news with daily antics.

Cosgrove chooses to spend her free time doing ordinary things that teenagers like, such as hanging out with friends that she has known since elementary school, going to the movies and shopping. Her future plans include going to college and dating has just started for the young star.

Cosgrove is home schooled now and her Mother is always on the set with her. Her Father pops in to check on her daily too. Her new singing career is another great way to see her in action and she has now learned how to play the guitar from former costar Drake Bell.

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  1. I LOVE HER !


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