iCarly Cast Sets Dating Rumors Straight!

The cast of iCarly have actually had to create videos to dispel the myth that any of them are dating. Isn't it an interesting society that engrosses so much time, energy and thought on famous people and what they are doing, with whom and for how long?

This just seems like a serious case of way too much free time on people's hands. The cast of iCarly are mostly kids and they felt the need to go on the internet to set the dating rumors straight.

The most outrageous rumor flying around the media and the internet is that Carly’s best friend Sam on the show, played by Jennette McCurdy, is dating Carly's older brother on the show, played by Jerry Trainor.

Seriously? Jennette is fifteen years old. Trainor is like 31!

Hopefully, the rumors are over and they can get back to doing what they are good at, which is making the show. It is not easy to find good, clean humor on the television, much less the internet and iCarly has done a superb job of marrying the two mediums into a wonderful partnership.

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