Looking For iCarly Clipart?

Hey kids....did you know that Clipart are images that are used to look somewhat like photos, but have a more cartoon look than an actual photo? You can use Clipart anywhere you want to let people know you are an iCarly fan.

You can find downloads for clipart on many of the iCarly related sites. Just do a Google search and see what you find. Then go bananas! Have an iCarly themed birthday party and use the Clipart for invitations or print it out and use it as a placemat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Let your imagination be your guide. You could print it out and use it to decorate your school supplies or your room. You could add it to your website, blog or MySpace page to show you are a fan. You could even try your hand at writing your own iCarly video and use the clipart to illustrate it. Whatever or wherever you choose to use iCarly clipart, it is easy to find and fun to play with. As an iCarly fan, there are literally hundreds of things you could do with iCarly clipart.

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  1. eu adoro i .a caly

  2. oi caly adoro o seu progama e shoy tenho 8 anos nao perco um episodio ujque eu mais gosto e na quela fez que o fred beijou a sem eu clase fumitei em saber disso eu amo vc e a sem e o fred um beijao meu nome de verdade e nathalya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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