Who is iCarly?

iCarly is the name of an American television show that is on the famous Nickelodeon Channel. As iCarly's viewers grow, she is becoming as popular as Hanna Montana.

The show began in September of 2007 and it is about three teenage friends that put up a weekly webcam show on the Internet. It all began as a huge misunderstanding and grew into a weekly show, with enough viewers to make Carly Shay the star of the show a celebrity.

Miranda Cosgrove plays Carly Shay and her best friend Sam (played by Jenette McCurdy), stars on the show with her. Their other friend Freddie (played by Nathan Kress), who has a crush on Carly, takes care of the filming and the computer work to run the webcam show. Another part of the iCarly family is Carly’s brother Spencer (played by Jerry Trainor), who she lives with since her father is stationed on a submarine in the Navy. Spencer is an artist of sorts, who loves and supports his sister. Sam usually manages to stir up some kind of trouble along the way and the four of them end up finding some way to fix things.

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