Miranda Cosgrove On Her iCarly CD

Miranda Cosgrove is the star of Nickelodeon’s teen hit show iCarly. She stopped by and talked with Natalie Morales on the Today show recently, about her new fame and the new CD for the show that was recently released. The CD features four songs from Miranda, plus music by Avril Lavigne, a personal favorite of the Cosgrove family.

Miranda says that she plans on continuing her acting career, as well as, recording more CDs and eventually going to college.

People have compared her to the famous Miley Cyrus of Hanna Montana fame and Cosgrove feels that Cyrus is an excellent performer, so that is a great compliment for her. One thing that makes Cosgrove and iCarly unique is that fans of the show can actually go to the website and upload their videos to the site and then their video may be chosen to be shown on the show acheter du viagra au meilleur prix. Some of these videos even prompt what the show is going to be about. Cosgrove remains very grounded and her family surrounds her with support and encouragement making the future wide open for Miranda Cosgrove.

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