Pop Quiz!

If you like to take quizzes or answer trivia questions and you love iCarly, then a great place to start is the iCarly.com blog. The iCarly blog has a variety of different quiz choices for you to see how much you know about iCarly and games to play that have to do with iCarly.

In addition, updates on shows, big news and web cam ratings are all on there too for your enjoyment. The blog is definitely someplace to check out if you are a fan.

One of the most fun pages is a listing of eleven things that the somewhat crazy Sam did to mean trick or treaters that visited her house. Spencer’s spaghetti taco recipe is on there as well. Everyone should try that at least once and check out Spencer’s weird holiday traditions.

There is a fun word unscramble on the blog, too. There is also a great chick challenge game, like the awesome iCarly episode where all the baby chicks got out and they had to rescue them all. Don’t miss the shining moment where Spencer and Carly are dressed in the same dress. Wow!

5 Responses to “Pop Quiz!”

  1. you all rock


  3. Hahahahhahahahahahhhhhhhahahaaaaaaaaaaaahahah

  4. hey my name is tonya i am your big fan i am not like manny at all.i am so cool of meating
    you. I have been waiting my whole life to meet you cant wait and sam stop beating up
    freddie it isint nice and the only resion why i like carly i because she is nice special and stops you guys from fighting that is the only resion why I like carly. the only resion why i like freddie is because he is cute. the only resion why i like sam is because because she likes frie chiken and pork chops beff and pork. and because she is not a girly girl bye cant wait to see you in person yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


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