Get Your iCarly Gear!

<a href=" viagra maroc.jpg">With the holidays right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about all the cool iCarly stuff you are going to want for Christmas.

Technology has become so user friendly and so common, that we kids seem to be all in the know when it comes to all the newest gear and gadgets like computers, digital cameras, speakers, talking picture frames and MP3 players.

Just in time for the holidays, iCarly is going to have lots of merchandise available for all of us iCarly fans. But the iCarly web cast electronics is the latest equipment to inspire our creative side. The iCarly web cast electronics will include a web cam, camcorder and digital cameras that will encourage all of us to create our own digital content.

Unleash your creative side. Get all your friends together and make your own shows. Or use it to make your own audio/visual diary entries, like interviewing friends or even your Mom and Dad! Then you could upload your video to the iCarly website to be chosen for the iCarly show!

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  1. u guys rock

  2. do you like your fans sam carley and freddle

  3. hi c

    hi carly do/s sam have a sister case ferady sas that her sister is sam.

    fram skylar

  4. hi sam teach me those moves hahahahahaha its brodie zidar

  5. icarly is the best show on the web

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