Why we Love Miranda Cosgrove!

Miranda Cosgrove has quite a career built already for a girl that is only fifteen years old. However, unlike many of the child stars that seem to be careening out of control, Cosgrove seems to be very down to earth and oblivious to her new found fame and all it entails. It is always refreshing when a young entertainer seems to have her head on straight, rather than attending adult oriented parties and making the news with daily antics.

Cosgrove chooses to spend her free time doing ordinary things that teenagers like, such as hanging out with friends that she has known since elementary school, going to the movies and shopping. Her future plans include going to college and dating has just started for the young star.

Cosgrove is home schooled now and her Mother is always on the set with her. Her Father pops in to check on her daily too. Her new singing career is another great way to see her in action and she has now learned how to play the guitar from former costar Drake Bell.

Miss an Episode? Catch iCarly Online!

There are three easy ways to catch your favorite episodes of iCarly. Of course, the best way is to simply watch it on television. This is quite simple now that most households have at least one cable box or TiVo to make recording every new episode of iCarly available whenever you feel like watching. Set it up to tape all the episodes and then get together with your friends and have your own iCarly marathon sleepover!

Another easy way to catch all the episodes you may have missed is to buy the DVDs that are out for each season. Again, this makes it easy to watch them when it fits into your schedule, rather than when the television broadcasts. Many times the DVDs will come with great additions, like bloopers or scenes that were not part of the actual televised episode.

The other way to see full episodes is to go online and do a search and see which ones you can find. These can either be watched online or downloaded for later viewing.

Go Back to School in Style!

Send the kids back to school in style this year with a whole range of iCarly products. There may not be an iCarly line of clothes…yet, but you can certainly find ways to shop for clothes that tend to look similar to what Carly and Sam wear.

They dress like basic teenagers, for the most part, with a pretty casual look. Sam likes to layer his t-shirts and Carly seems to like a comfortable fun look.

In addition to clothes, there are numerous new items out there for back to school featuring the iCarly cast. There are plenty of school supplies to choose from like folders, pencils, calculators, lunch boxes, notebooks and crayons. If you are on a budget and would like to have something iCarly related, take a regular folder and add one of the free coloring pages offered online of iCarly and color it in. This could also be done easily to decorate your notebooks or binders. Make sure you get a cool iCarly ringtone for your cell phone too!

Pop Quiz!

If you like to take quizzes or answer trivia questions and you love iCarly, then a great place to start is the iCarly.com blog. The iCarly blog has a variety of different quiz choices for you to see how much you know about iCarly and games to play that have to do with iCarly.

In addition, updates on shows, big news and web cam ratings are all on there too for your enjoyment. The blog is definitely someplace to check out if you are a fan.

One of the most fun pages is a listing of eleven things that the somewhat crazy Sam did to mean trick or treaters that visited her house. Spencer’s spaghetti taco recipe is on there as well. Everyone should try that at least once and check out Spencer’s weird holiday traditions.

There is a fun word unscramble on the blog, too. There is also a great chick challenge game, like the awesome iCarly episode where all the baby chicks got out and they had to rescue them all. Don’t miss the shining moment where Spencer and Carly are dressed in the same dress. Wow!

Miranda Cosgrove On Her iCarly CD

Miranda Cosgrove is the star of Nickelodeon’s teen hit show iCarly. She stopped by and talked with Natalie Morales on the Today show recently, about her new fame and the new CD for the show that was recently released. The CD features four songs from Miranda, plus music by Avril Lavigne, a personal favorite of the Cosgrove family.

Miranda says that she plans on continuing her acting career, as well as, recording more CDs and eventually going to college.

People have compared her to the famous Miley Cyrus of Hanna Montana fame and Cosgrove feels that Cyrus is an excellent performer, so that is a great compliment for her. One thing that makes Cosgrove and iCarly unique is that fans of the show can actually go to the website and upload their videos to the site and then their video may be chosen to be shown on the show acheter du viagra au meilleur prix. Some of these videos even prompt what the show is going to be about. Cosgrove remains very grounded and her family surrounds her with support and encouragement making the future wide open for Miranda Cosgrove.

7 Facts About Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove was born in 1993 and began her singing and acting career at the very young age of only three years old. She was discovered while eating with her family at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

A talent agent dining in the same restaurant noticed Cosgrove singing and dancing and signed her up to begin doing commercials. Miranda’s movie debut was in “School of Rock” with Jack Black. She soon landed her first main role on television, playing the little sister on the “Drake and Josh” show.

Cosgrove is currently working on releasing a CD called the “iCarly Playlist” in which she will be singing four of the songs, including the famous theme song from the iCarly show. Singing is something that Cosgrove has always enjoyed in her life and it is certainly an asset, when she is competing with Disney’s Hanna Montana. There is a growing trend in television entertainment, where the stars are not only actors, but are singers as well--such as Drake Bell and the Jonas Brothers. Miranda is looking forward to college in the future, but for now she is enjoying the success of iCarly and being an ordinary teenager.

Who is iCarly?

iCarly is the name of an American television show that is on the famous Nickelodeon Channel. As iCarly's viewers grow, she is becoming as popular as Hanna Montana.

The show began in September of 2007 and it is about three teenage friends that put up a weekly webcam show on the Internet. It all began as a huge misunderstanding and grew into a weekly show, with enough viewers to make Carly Shay the star of the show a celebrity.

Miranda Cosgrove plays Carly Shay and her best friend Sam (played by Jenette McCurdy), stars on the show with her. Their other friend Freddie (played by Nathan Kress), who has a crush on Carly, takes care of the filming and the computer work to run the webcam show. Another part of the iCarly family is Carly’s brother Spencer (played by Jerry Trainor), who she lives with since her father is stationed on a submarine in the Navy. Spencer is an artist of sorts, who loves and supports his sister. Sam usually manages to stir up some kind of trouble along the way and the four of them end up finding some way to fix things.

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With so many of us kids having cell phones today, it comes as no surprise that iCarly ringtones would be a hit!

You can set a different ringtone for each item and for each person that calls you often. You can liven up your phone in all sorts of different, fun ways and change them frequently. iCarly offers all types of sounds, music and alarms that you can choose from. There are many sites online where you can find iCarly ringtones. Most will charge a small fee to download the ringtone, but there may be some offered for free on the iCarly site or Nickelodeon.

By doing a quick Google search, you should come up with a list of plenty of places to find ringtones, from music to the show theme songs to anything else you can think of. There is no limit to how creative you can get with your iCarly ringtones.

Can iCarly Stand Up To Hanna Montana?

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