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Short on Cash? Get Your iCarly Merchandise for Free!

With the huge rise in popularity of the television show iCarly, lots of kids will be adding iCarly merchandise to their Christmas and birthday wish lists. As most parents know, these types of products which are branded with popular television show characters tend to be outrageously expensive. Many people can’t afford to just run out […]

8 Funniest iCarly Quotes!

<img src="http://icarlys viagra 100" alt="" title="icarly-quotes" width="226" height="300" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-610" />Okay iCarly fans are you noticing that you are using iCarly quotes and sayings lately? Well, you are not alone!

What’s Up With The Weird Neighbors?

A recent episode of iCarly has brought onto the scene a couple of new characters around the neighborhood where Carly lives. The episode featured Crazy Fruit Dude, who eats the peel rather than the banana (Yuck!) and the Green Haired Old Lady that sucked on a pacifier. It was quite an episode to say the […]

iCarly DVD Coming Soon!

Have you missed any iCarly episodes? Well, don't worry because Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Entertainment released the iCarly, Season 1, Volume 1 on DVD on September 23rd.

What You Need to Know About Carly Shay!!!

Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove), is a strong, stable young girl, who accidentally falls into hosting a webcam show on the Internet. Carly spends a great deal of her time trying to keep her best friend Sam (Jenette McCurdy), out of trouble, which is exactly how the webcam show began in the first place. Many of […]

Bored? Take an iCarly Quiz!

Everyone has fun taking quizzes, at least if you are not in school taking a surprise quiz, so the next time you are bored and looking for something fun to do, check out some of the iCarly quizzes available online. If you go to your favorite search engine and do a search for iCarly quizzes, […]

Rumors That Need To Be Set Straight!!

While the stars of iCarly are busy battling the rumors going around that they are dating each other in real life, including the one that has the fifteen year old who plays the character of Sam (Jenette McCurdy), as dating 31year old Jerry Trainor (who plays Carly’s older brother Spencer), the iCarly characters are battling […]

Sleep Tight With Your Own iCarly Pillow

If you live with or know a fan of the iCarly show, the new iCarly pillow would certainly be an excellent birthday or Christmas gift. The pillows are available with almost any of the iCarly character’s faces embroidered on them or symbols from iCarly. By doing a simple internet search, you will be able to […]

Miss an Episode? Catch iCarly Online!

There are three easy ways to catch your favorite episodes of iCarly. Of course, the best way is to simply watch it on television. This is quite simple now that most households have at least one cable box or TiVo to make recording every new episode of iCarly available whenever you feel like watching. Set […]

Go Back to School in Style!

Send the kids back to school in style this year with a whole range of iCarly products. There may not be an iCarly line of clothes…yet, but you can certainly find ways to shop for clothes that tend to look similar to what Carly and Sam wear. They dress like basic teenagers, for the most […]